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Exclaimer Extends Its Global Presence by New Partnership with M-Piric IT Consultancy & Support Ltd

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Leading international partner M-Piric IT Consultancy & Support Ltd works with Exclaimer to provide organizations with powerful Microsoft 365, Google Workspace, and Microsoft Exchange email signature management solutions.


Burton-On-Trent, United Kingdom:  March 2021

Exclaimer Limited, provider of world-class email signature management solutions, today announces a new channel partnership with leading partner M-Piric IT Consultancy & Support Ltd. This new partnership will bring Exclaimer’s award-winning products to M-Piric IT Consultancy & Support Ltd.’s customer base.

Amy Rudge, Director at M-Piric IT Consultancy & Support Ltd, explains, “We are delighted to add Exclaimer’s email signature management solutions to our product portfolio as it furthers our commitment to provide the right technology services to our customers. We are eager to actively begin selling Exclaimer’s products as they address a real customer painpoint.”

Since 2001, Exclaimer has developed internationally recognized solutions to design, distribute, and control email signatures for Business-To-Business (B2B) customers. With channel partners in 130+ countries and over 75 million users worldwide, Exclaimer’s customer base consists of companies of all sizes, from SMBs to Fortune 500 companies.

Rudge adds, “Corporate customers understand there are many benefits to having centralized control over email signatures. This not only ensures full compliance with international disclaimer law but guarantees that a company’s branding and latest marketing messages are consistent on all emails. Exclaimer allows us to offer our customers intelligent email signature management solutions that give all of their users a professional signature when sending from any web-enabled device.”

Heath Davies, Chief Executive Officer at Exclaimer, comments, “We are pleased to be working with M-Piric IT Consultancy & Support Ltd to enhance our international operations and provide our solutions for Microsoft and Google email services to their customers. This partnership will enable us to benefit from M-Piric IT Consultancy & Support Ltd.’s knowledge in providing outstanding technology services, while enabling them to provide their customers with cutting-edge technology that will meet their email signature management requirements.”


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About M-Piric IT Consultancy & Support Ltd

M-Piric IT Consultancy & Support LtdManaged Services Provider

Our name derives from the expertise and experience that we use to diagnose, evaluate, fix, advise, monitor, and manage your technology so that you leverage the most from your investment. We also strive to keep you informed of important technological developments, ensuring that you have the necessary resources to keep ahead of the pack.

M-Piric is an experienced provider of a wide range of IT Business Solutions, Management Solutions and Managed Services to cater to the varied IT needs of your business. With a large portfolio in the industry, M-Piric offers monitoring, maintenance, security, data backup, disaster recovery, data protection compliance, on-site and remote support, software, and web solutions among others.

For more information on M-Piric IT Consultancy & Support Ltd visit https://www.m-piric.co.uk

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About Exclaimer

Since 2001, Exclaimer has been providing world-class on-premises and cloud-based email signature management solutions for Microsoft 365, Google Workplace, and Microsoft Exchange. Headquartered just outside of London and with regional offices worldwide, its products are used by over 75 million users in 150+ countries.

Its diverse customer base includes renowned international organizations such as Sony, Mattel, 10 Downing Street, NBC, the Government of Canada, the BBC, and many more organizations of all sectors and sizes. The company has been the recipient of multiple industry awards over the years and was the first company of its type to successfully achieve the ISO 27001 Certification for its cloud-based signature management service.

For more information on Exclaimer, please visit www.exclaimer.com.

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Media contacts


Maria Dahlqvist Canton

VP Marketing

Exclaimer Limited

Phone: +44 (0) 1252 53142

Email: maria.canton@exclaimer.com


Amy Rudge


M-Piric IT Consultancy & Support Ltd

Phone: +44 (0) 121 416 0121

Email: amy.rudge@m-piric.co.uk