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To Avoid an IT Disaster

To Avoid an IT Disaster

3 Essential Things EVERY Business Owner Should Know To Avoid an IT Disaster

1) “The new EU data protection regulations won’t apply to my business because I’m too small”

One of the criteria that will be considered when appealing a fine for infringements of the new regulations is the intentional or negligent character of the infringement. In other words, the statement above could be regarded as evidence of negligence.

The new regulations come into force in May 2018. Is your business ready?

2) When I type in my username and password for internet banking, how do I know that I’m really connected to my bank?

If you use Trusteer Rapport on your computer it can stop criminals from stealing your login details and other data. This system is free to use, and one of the things it does is to ensure that you really are connected to your bank rather than a site that looks like your bank’s website.

Once you are connected, Rapport also ensures that nobody else can break your link and re-direct you to a fraudulent site.

3) Why would anybody buy an iPad instead of a much less expensive Android tablet?

Many large companies now invest in tablets for their staff rather than PCs. Tablets allow employees to be freed from working at a desk, and retail staff can order items in the virtual store in front of the customer if they are about to lose a sale due to stock issues.

Some companies will choose the cheaper Android tablets for their staff because they require a smaller capital outlay. However, consider that the tablet market in retail is 80% Android, and only 20% Apple.

This should make you wonder – which tablet is more secure? Expect a news story in the near future about a retailer who has been targeted by criminals using Ransomware. Android systems have suffered many more attacks than Apple, and this trend is likely to continue.

So if Androids are more vulnerable to attack than Apple tablets, ask yourself which tablet investment is least likely to bring your business to its knees?