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Project Management


Sometimes when running a business, you can’t see the wood for the trees. Even if you have your own IT department, a fresh pair of expert eyes might be needed to look at the bigger picture and bring new ideas to the table.

The M-piric project management and consultancy service can give you the ideas, planning and direction needed to ensure your desired outcomes are met.

Whether you are faced with a move to new premises, a big influx of staff, or you need an IT solution to facilitate growth or efficiencies, our experienced consultants can help.

We possess specialist knowledge in IT infrastructure, programming and software, as well as wider business and marketing acumen, and as such have successfully managed projects for large businesses, small businesses, growing businesses, shrinking businesses, remote workers and remote sites.

Full project management

Depending on your requirements, we can manage your entire project from start to finish, including research and analysis, defining objectives, planning, execution and ongoing support. This will be done according to your strict deadlines and budgets and includes the securing of resources, co-ordination of work schedules and quality control.


It could be that you need an outside expert to appraise your IT processes and identify new solutions for your own IT department to implement with our guidance. The extent of our involvement is really down to you and your requirements.